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Card 11(2011)
II Task: imagine that your friend has moved to another town. Write an e-mail to him/her. Include this information: apologize for not writing sooner; give him/her the news about yourself; ask questions about your friend. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.
Answer: Hi, buddy, 
Sorry for the long silence – I’ve been really busy those days with final tests and preparations for the exams. Now the school is over, I have more free time, but of course I spend a big deal of it on preparing for my exams. I feel a bit nervous but hope everything gonna be OK.
How are you? Have you got used to the new place? Has your life changed
a lot? How is your new school? Is it hard to study there? How are the teachers there? Do you have any
new subjects? Have you already met new friends?
Write me back as soon as possible, I’m dying to know about everything!
Best wishes from all our friends!  Bye, …. 
III Task: Talk about the school you study at. Include this information: school facilities; teaching stuff; school tradition.
Answer: Good morning? My name is …. And I’m going to tell you about our school and about the things that make a school your second home. 
We do not find it difficult to speak about our school. School №2 is the oldest one in the city of Chernihiv. It was founded on the 15th of October 1865 on the initiative of Prince Golitsyn, who was the Governor of Chernihiv at that time. There were only 92 pupils – girls only - at school during its first year. In 1899 a new beautiful building of the school was built on the territory of the Rampart. It had spacious classrooms, a beautiful assembly hall. Many wonderful teachers did their best to educate pupils. Among them there were Kotsubynskys, Lubov Delmas – a famous singer, scientist Dyadichenko, composer Chernyak, poet
Ignatenko and many others. During the war the building of the school was ruined but lessons never stopped. After the war the building was restored and the hoary Rampart again heard merry voices of boys and girls who were hurrying to the school.
In 1983 school№2 moved to a new 3-stored modern building, which is situated near the bank of the river Stryzhen. In 1996 it got the status of specialized school with advanced studying of foreign languages. Now there are 102 teachers and more than 800 students at school, among them a lot of winners of All- Ukrainian Students Olympiad in different subjects. We love our school and are really proud of it. 
If you come to our school you should definitely visit our school museum. It tells about the history of the school, its famous former students/ the information about our school museum is even in Wkipedia!
We have everything to make our school a real second home – tidy, comfortable and well-equipped classrooms, good sports facilities, friendly atmosphere. We have a Computer Study Laboratory with the 
Internet access. There are lots of computers there and every student feels free to come and use the Web resources to prepare for the lessons. Of course, our school faces the problems which are natural for the
economic situation in the country. The school lacks modern up-to date equipment, such as DVD players and computers in each classroom, multimedia boards, flip charts instead of old-fashioned blackboards and so on. But we have much more valuable things – warm and friendly atmosphere, highly-professional and tolerant teachers and all my friends, - that make my school a real second home for me.

Card 12 
II Task: you have found a wallet in the school cafeteria.  Write a notice about it. Include this information: describe the wallet(colour, shape); say where and when you found them; give your contact details. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet. 
Answer: Attention everybody! A WALLET was found in the school canteen on the 26th of May after the 6th lesson. The owner can contact me by the mobile phone number…, Skype …, ICQ … or e-mail …. ( it is a brand-new brown Italian Dolce&Gabana leather wallet with silvery logo on it) 
k: talk about an interesting journey or a trip you went on. It can be a real journey you’ve made, or you can invent one. Include this information: Who did you go with? Where did you go? How did you get there(way of travelling)? What did you like most? Good morning, my name is …. I’m a student of the 9th form and I would like to tell you about the journey I took last summer. 
Last summer my parents and I visited Turkey for the first time. It was unforgettable experience. We booked an all-inclusive trip at the travel agency in Chernihiv, so we didn’t need to worry about anything. 
We went to Turkey by plane, so we arrived at the airport Boryspol 2 hours before the fright to check in, weigh and label our luggage and pass the passport control and customs. The weather was fantastic so there wasn’t any delay and our plane took off strictly according to the time-table. The trip was not very interesting but comfortable and fast. At the airport in Istanbul we got on a coach and went to the town of Kemer, where our hotel was situated. On the way there we passed through 3 tunnels and in the 3rd tunnel our guide told us to close our eyes, rise our hands and think of our cherished desires – he said they would come true! Our hotel was situated in a picturesque place near the town of Kemer. There were 2 water rides and 3 swimming pools on the territory of the hotel. The hotel had 5 restaurants: Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, Italian, where you can taste the national cuisine of those countries and a fish restaurant with delicious seafood. A t about 6 o’clock you can hear the morning pray from the minaret of the nearby mosque. It is repeated in the afternoon and in the evening, when it is peace and quiet and there is no discos there. 
On the territory of the hotel there was a Turkish market on Fridays, where they sold different souvenirs and things you could buy to remind you of your travelling. There were magnits,clothes, sweets and Turkish carpets which were really marvelous. We went on some excursions there and I liked two of them very much. The first was to a place called Palucate. Palucate means "Cotton Castle”, because there you could see white slopes of the mountains. They are white due to the fact that warm mineral water, full of different salts, flows down the slopes and gives the white colour to them. There we visited the so called Cleopathra’s Pool, filled with pure mineral water. You can swim there no more than 15 minutes, because of carbon dioxide that is on the surface of the water. The second excursion was to 3 places at once/ the first was Demir – an ancient city where is a splendid church of St.Nicolai. He was a Christian bishop, who did a lot of good and was killed for his faith. Then we went to Mira – it is also an ancient town that was founded in 
the 5th century - there you can see the remains of the Rome amphitheater and a wonderful shop where you can buy different things made of onix. After that we went on a boat trip to the island of Kekova. 
In the clear water of the sea you can observe the ruins of ancients buildings which were destroyed by the massive earthquake many centuries ago and sank onto the bottom of the sea near the island. We spent two unforgettable weeks in Turkey and I strongly recommend everybody to take a chance and go there some day to enjoy fantastic rest.

Card 13(2011)
II. Task: imagine that you have just been to the History Museum Write a short note to your friend about it. Include this information: what the museum was like; what you saw there; what 
you like/dislike most of all. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.
Answer: Hi, buddy! I hope you are OK. I am a bit busy now with all my exams, so yesterday I decided to have a rest. There is a great History Museum in our city and some days ago they opened their new exhibition. My friends have already been there and said it’s really cool. So yesterday I went there too. I spent an hour in the hall that tells about the history of our city. There were some really interesting exhibits there, like old furniture and silver works and even the tasks of a real mammoth! I felt like a passenger of a time machine and really enjoyed the visit. Unfortunately, there is no advertising of the museum and just a few people know how interesting a visit there can be. How are your things going? Write me back soon. 
Bye, - 
III. Task: Ukrainian teenagers often have responsibilities at home. What are some of your household chores? How do you share chores in your family? How much time do you spend doing your chores?
Answer: Good morning, my name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to tell you about the duties and responsibilities of teenagers both at school and at home. Living in a society you can’t escape responsibilities. We cooperate, co-act every moment of our everyday life, one moment we help somebody to solve their problems, next moment we need help ourselves. As a rule, teenagers have certain responsibilities at school, as well as at home. I’m not an exception.
There are 4 of us in my family: my parents, my younger sister and me.Each of us has to do some household chores. Of course, my mom does most of the work about the house. But we always find time to help her.
My home duties are washing up, cleaning the flat with the vacuum cleaner and sometimes shopping, when mum is out of time. I can’t say that I’m happy with all that job, but I understand that my parents work really hard to supply me with everything I need, so I must contribute in my family life. Besides, doing something really useful makes me feel necessary, mature and proud.
My sister has to water flowers and to feed our cat. She is 10 years old and can’t cook or do the ironing, but she can do such small things as making sandwiches or dusting the furniture.
Out father does all repairing about the house and he also helps mom to cook, especially for some festive table.
Though I must admit that the attitude to teenager’s work is different. For example, in European countries and in America teenagers have a lot of opportunities to earn money absolutely legally. Thus they can solve the problem of their pocket money and even save a certain sum for studying at college. I wish we could do so in Ukraine. Unfortunately, economic situation in the country doesn’t allow us to be financially independent. 
Besides there are different opinion as for the possibility to combine work and study. Some parents think that the only task of their children is to study hard to get as much knowledge as possible. They don’t want their children to waste their time on doing chores or participating in extra-curricula activities. Other parents think that children should start having responsibilities both at home and at school the sooner the better. They claim that in this case teenagers become more organized, confident, responsible and mature.  As for the age, there is no doubt that the older we get the more complicated and responsible tasks we are given. That’s natural. Our responsibilities grow with us, preparing us to adult life. The only necessary thing is to keep reasonable balance between study, after-school activities and chores.

Card 14

I. Task: Imagine that you have seen a TV show( e.g. "X-factor”). Write a letter to the programmmme makers. Include this information: say how much you enjoyed it; say why you enjoyed it; ask for information about a DVD version of the programme. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.Answer: Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing to express my sheer admiration with the TV programme you have made. I saw "X-factor” yesterday by pure chance and enjoyed it a lot. The show gives us a possibility to follow the way from being just an ordinary person to becoming a celebrity together with the contestants. I also think that the backstage story is a brilliant idea. As far as I understand it has been on TV for a couple of weeks. I regret not having seen all the issues. I would like to know whether I can find your programme’s record on DVD.
 I am looking forward to your answer.
Sincerely, -

II.  Task: Talk about an environmental problem in the place where you live. Include this information: what the reasons of these problems are;; what individuals can do to help; what government should do to help.

Good morning, my name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to share my thoughts about environmental problems.
About 2 hundreds years ago people lived  in greater harmony with nature because industry was not much developed. Today the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worrying about the situation with environmental pollution. Mass media discuss the problem every moment.
Why is there so much discussion about environmental problems? After all, people have been polluted the world around them for thousands and thousands of years. Hundreds of species of animals and birds have become extinct because of human activities. But in the past there were not so many people and enough room on the planet, that’s why environmental problems weren’t so acute.
Nowadays the situation seems really threatening. Every day during the rush hour you can see cars stuck in traffic jams, which send their exhaust fumes un into the atmosphere. If we had an integrated public transport system with reasonable fares, commuters would be encouraged to leave their cars at home and switch to a more efficient form of transport. Besides it’s necessary to make clean production on many plants of different cities in Ukraine. Zaporizhya, Luhansk and Donetsk are just examples of the cities where air and water are badly polluted with waste from different enterprises.
It is not only in towns that the quality of life is being threatened. Although farmers say they have to use pesticides on their crops, some experts believe that these chemicals can get into the food chain which will result in the number of people affected by canser and various allergies. More research needs to be carried out so that we can cut down the use of harmful chemicals but still produce what we need.
 Potentially the most dangerous threat to the environment is nuclear waste from power station.I  The biggest tragedy of Ukraine was the catastrophe which happened on April 26, 1986 on Chernobyl nuclear power station, which is not far from Chernihiv. The explosion of the reactor had made a vast territory of the country and its gem, Polissya, contaminated with radiation and unsuitable for living. A lot of people died because of different diseases connected with the radiation. 
By developing alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and wave power, we can make our world much safer to live in.

Keeping our environment clean isn’t only the governmental task. In fact we, common citizens can also do a lot to help our mother nature to survive. We should buy only recyclable goods, safe water and electricity, not to litter our streets and parks and try to be as environmental-friendly as possible.
 Many ecological problems capture our cites. One of the most dangerous and widespread of these problems is LITTER. People don’t always put their garbage into the garbage cans. That is why litter is such a big problem in cities and towns. Litter is not only ugly. It is dangerous. Food and garbage is brought by crows, stray cats and dogs, which sometimes carry disease.People can catch illness from such animals, too. So litter is a health problem.Ecology of our country could be better. But people do not think about themselves. Litter is everywhere: in big and small settlings. It not only discourages tourists from Ukraine but also, spoils environment and shows the level of our culture.To protect the surrounding world and escape the danger of capital pollution we, people , must help ourselves. We must keep our cities clean. City authorities must arrange garbage cans through all the city. Also, they must punish people who throw garbage out in the streets. Such people must pay  fine or go to the prison.

Mankind log believed that, whatever we did, the Earth would remain the same. Now we know that it’s untrue. One country’s pollution can be every country’s problem. So we all need to work together to safeguard our environment.We have a moral duty to look after our planet and hand it on in good order to future generation. We must not sacrifice our future well-being for short-term gains, nor pile up environmental debts which will burden our children.

Card 15 
II. Task: You and your friend are going to another friend’s birthday party next week. Write an e-mail to your friend. Include this information: how you will get there; suggest going together; ask nim/her for advice about present. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet. 
Answer:Hi, buddy,
Next Sunday Ann is having her birthday party at her place at 5 pm. She promised to send us invitation, so anyway we must plan everything beforehand. Do you know where she lives? I do, and my dad have promised to take me there by car. If it is OK for you, we can pick you up on the way. Don’t you know, by the way, if she likes "Twilight” series? I have a brand-new DVD with all the series – I can give it to her as a present and we may watch it at the party.
Bye, - 
 III. Task: Think about a comedy you have seen. Say what happened in the film. Include this information: what the film was; who the heroes were; what they did; what happened in the end.
Answer:  Here we offered film reviews for 2 popular films – "The Diamond Arm”,  and «Mrs. Doubtfire» -  you may choose one of them or use them as an example, preparing your own film review.

The Diamond Arm (RussianБриллиантовая рукаtranslit. Brilliantovaya ruka) is a 1968 Soviet comedy film filmed by Mosfilm and first released in 1968. The film was directed by slapstick director Leonid Gaidai and starred several famous Soviet actors, including Yuri NikulinAndrei MironovAnatoli PapanovNonna Mordyukova and Svetlana SvetlichnayaThe Diamond Arm has become a Russian cult film. It was also one of the all-time leaders at the Soviet box office with over 76,700,000 theatre admissions in theSoviet era.


A boss of a black market ring (referred to as "The Chief") wants to smuggle a batch of jewelry into the Soviet Union by hiding it into theorthopedic cast of a courier. By a confusing accident the contraband lands into the cast of a broken arm of a "simple Soviet citizen" Semyon Semyonovich Gorbunkov. He lets the militsiya know about this, and the militsiya captain uses Gorbunkov as a bait to catch the criminals. Most of the plot are various attempts of two crooks, Lyolik and Gennadiy Kozodoyev,to lure Gorbunkov into a situation where they could have quietly, without a wet job, taken the cast off him.

Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 American comedy film starring Robin Williams and based on the novel Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine. It was directed by Chris Columbus and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It won the Academy Award for Best Makeup.[1] The film was placed 67th in the American Film Institute's 100 Years, 100 Laughs: America's Funniest Movies (see the 100 Years Series), a list of the 100 funniest movies of the 20th century, and was also rated #40 on Bravo's 100 Funniest Movies of All Time. The original music score was composed by Howard Shore.


Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) is a recently-unemployed voice actor, and a good father loved by his three children. However, he also suffers from an increasingly strained marriage to his wife Miranda (Sally Field), an interior designer who has grown to dislike her husband's child-like antics. On the day of their son's twelfth birthday, Daniel hires a local zoo to throw a large birthday party for his son. After receiving a complaint at work from their neighbor Gloria Chaney, Miranda discovers that Daniel has thrown the party without her consent. This is the last straw for Miranda, who subsequently divorces her husband. Since Daniel has no steady source of income, Miranda gets primary custody of their three children, 12-year-old Chris (Matthew Lawrence), 14-year-old Lydia (Lisa Jakub) and 5-year-old Natalie (Mara Wilson). Daniel has visitation rights limited to Saturday evenings. The judge, acknowledging this, agrees to consider a joint custody arrangement if Daniel can get a job and create a suitable home within three months.
When Daniel learns that Miranda intends to place an advertisement for a housekeeper, he adopts the persona of a 60-year-old British caretaker named Euphegenia Doubtfire, and applies for the job himself. When Miranda accepts, Daniel recruits his brother Frank (Harvey Fierstein), a makeup artist, to design a costume for Mrs. Doubtfire. Though the children are initially hostile toward their new nanny, as Doubtfire, Daniel is able to see his children every day, giving him the opportunity to be the firm father figure he wasn't before. Eventually the children begin to respond favorably to Doubtfire's methods, and Miranda is able to heal her relationship with them and with Daniel as well, who begins to improve himself through his alter ego by learning gourmet cooking and refurnishing his new apartment.
For a while, Daniel is able to keep up the charade, despite nearly being discovered by his caseworker Mrs. Sellner (Anne Haney), and attempting to stop his ex-wife's relationship with Stuart Dunmire (Pierce Brosnan), her new boyfriend, who is not particularly fond of Daniel. Ultimately, Daniel's cover is blown when Chris walks in on him in the bathroom. He explains to Lydia and Chris what he has done, and tells them that they cannot tell Miranda, because Miranda would put Daniel in Jail or Natalie, as she is too young to understand and would possibly tell her mother. Both children are happy to have their father back in their lives, and agree to help maintain the pretense. Meanwhile, at the TV station where Daniel works as a shipping clerk, the station's CEO Jonathan Lundy (Robert Prosky) sees him clowning with toy dinosaurs on the set of a children's program and is impressed enough to schedule a dinner meeting to hear his ideas. Of course, Stuart plans to celebrate Miranda's birthday by taking the family out to the same restaurant at the same time, and everyone expects Mrs. Doubtfire to join them.
At the restaurant, Daniel attempts to rotate back and forth between Lundy and his family, using the restroom to change back and forth from himself to Doubtfire. At one point, Daniel dumps cayenne pepper on Stuart's order of jambalaya, an ingredient that he is allergic to. He also becomes increasingly intoxicated throughout the evening and forgets to remove his costume before returning to Lundy's table. He covers for the mistake by explaining to Lundy that his alter ego is merely his idea for a new TV persona. Lundy is once again impressed, and promises to develop the character into a possible television program.
At that moment, Daniel notices that Stuart is choking and administers the Heimlich maneuver. However, part of his mask peels off, revealing part of his real face in the process, and Miranda is horrified to discover his identity. As a result, Miranda receives full custody of the children. Despite his impassioned plea that the motive was solely for the love of his children, the judge restricts Daniel's visitation rights by ordering him to undergo supervised visits which upsets him. Meanwhile, as Doubtfire, he becomes the star of Lundy's new television program. It quickly becomes the highest rated program in its timeslot, creating the possibility that the show will be aired nationwide.
Upon reflecting with the children on how positively Mrs. Doubtfire affected their lives, Miranda pays Daniel a visit on the set and tells him that she doesn't want to keep hurting the children over the custody issues, and, as a surprise for the kids, invites him back as their caretaker. In the final scene, Daniel picks the kids up to spend an afternoon with them, while Miranda, smiling, watches an episode of Daniel's show, in which Doubtfire answers a letter from another child of divorce asking for advice. She explains that no matter what type of living arrangement such children may have, love will maintain the bond of the family.

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