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Розповідь про подію з особистого життя - A personal Anecdote 
Useful Vocabulary 

 Bump into smb
 Burst out laughing/crying
 Clutch hold of smth/smb
 Collide with smth/smb
 Devour in a gulp
 Get lost
 Get stuck get into/ out of trouble
 Keep doing smth
 Kid /pull smb’s leg
 Run into smth/smb
 Take the wrong turning
 Afraid: to be scared stiff
 To be really/deadly scared
 To turn pale
 To tremble/shake violently
 Happy: to be delighted/ relieved/ over the moon(very happy)
 Angry: annoyed
 Furious(very angry)
 Nervous: anxious
 On edge
 I had no idea how to…
 I had not got/didn’t have a clue what to do.
 There was absolutely nothing I could do about it.
 I tried to put up a fight/ I did my best to…
 It went totally out of control/
 It was beyond my control.
 I had a nasty shock when…
 I started to get the feeling that…
 It was a real shame that…
 The funniest thing about it was that…
 To our relief
 Everything worked out all right in the end. 
 Time Linkers
 Time adverbials:
 All of a sudden
 In the end
 At last
 As soon as
 Just as
 Just before/after
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