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Твір – опис країни

Починати розповідь про країну слід з загальних відомостей про неї, як то:

- Повна офіційна назва
- Загальна площа
- Кількість населення
- Політичний устрій
- Офіційна мова
- Столиця
The official name of Sweden is the Kingdom of Sweden. It is situated in the northern part of Europe. With the total area of 449, 964 sq km Sweden is the third largest country in Europe. Its population is 8,5 mln people. Sweden is a constitutional monarchy. The official language of the country is Sweden. The capital of Sweden is Stockholm.
У другому абзаці ми розповідаємо про географічні особливості країни, її ландшафт, головні ріки та гори, з якими країнами межує, яки моря її омивають.

Sweden is occupied the main southern part of Scandinavian peninsular and borders on Norway and Finland. It is washed by the Baltic sea. 57% of its territory is covered by forests. There are many lakes in Sweden. In the North and West of Sweden there are Scandinavian mountains with the highest peak Kebnekeise.

Третій абзац містить інформацію про клімат країни.

The climate of Sweden is defined by its geographical position. It is cool continental. The main features of the climate are cold winters with heavy snowfalls and mild and dry summers.

У четвертому абзаці доцільно надати деякі факти з її історії.

In ancient times Sweden was inhabited by Germanic tribes. In the 8th-11th centuries the Swedish warriors took part in the Vikings’ raids. In the 15 -17th centuries it was a mighty European country. But after the defeat in the Northern Wars Sweden lost its power.

П’ятий та шостий абзац розповідає про сьогодення країни та туристичні привади.

Nowadays Sweden is a highly-developed country which takes the first place in the world in the social standards’ rate. It produces world-famous cars, ships, labour-saving devices. The country attracts tourists by its magnificent nature, picturesque landscapes, comfortable hotels and friendly, hospitable people. The event of world significance which takes place in Stockholm annually on the 10th of December is Nobel prize awarding ceremony. Prominent people from all the world come to the capital of Sweden on that day.

В останньому абзаці ми робимо висновок і висловлюємо нашу особисту думку щодо країни.
I can say in a word that Sweden is a very comfortable country to live in and a really interesting place to visit. You will never be bored or disappointed if you come to the country one daу.
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