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Family…what does it mean for us nowadays?

                                ( an opinion essay)

  Some time ago the family was the most important thing in people’s lives. Traditionally women cleaned up, washed, cooked, brought up children, while men earned money and brought food into their homes. Has the situation changed a lot since then?

  Nowadays we can see the dramatic changes in the role of a family in our society. First of all, more and more young people prefer pursuing their career to starting a family. They postpone their family life to the time they will make a career, buy a dwelling and save enough money to be financially independent.

In most European countries men and women have equal rights now. Together with labour-saving devices and birth-control methods it give women more freedom to choose when, if even at all, they want to start a family.

  Besides, even if they start a family and decide to have children, hostesses and nannies come to replace wives and mothers. There are families where children do not see their parents for months, because they are busy with their careers and entertainments.

  The drastically high level of divorces in modern society shows one more side of the problem. As the journalist Mary Kenny says, " Much of wedlock consists of two persons in mortal emotional combat for dominance and power”

   However, psychologists still claim that the institution of family is vitally important for the existence of our society and  far from disappearance. Inside the family people feel more secure and comfortable. They tend to be calmer, healthier and normally live longer that single persons.

   All things considered, I think that the phenomenon of a family nowadays is facing really hard times, it is changing rapidly and losing some traditional features while gaining some new ones. However I hope that the family will exist as long as the humankind itself.


Slepko Margarita, 11th grade, 2012


People used to think that the family played an important role in society, but times have changed and now the family is much less important.

( an opinion essay)
Where have they gone, all those hot lunches and delicious dinners that used to await for children at home? Why do children fall asleep without seeing their parents and get up when they are already gone to work? The issue of family institution is crucial and whoever brings it up, gets drastically involved in a heated debate.
Nowadays the definition of the family has dramatically changed.  Firstly, women have emancipated and demands equality both at work and at home matters, although men don’t want to give up their position and status of a money-maker and family bread-winner. As a result, the collision of personalities takes place and neither husbands, nor wives want to stay at home and do the house chores any more. It is obvious that the family suffers in that situation. Nevertheless it happens more and more and results in the extreme deterioration of the society which tends to consist of nuclear families, where only parents and children live together, or one-parent families. Therefore parents are not able to use the experience and support of the previous generation and the applicability of this experience is often problematic.
Secondly, more and more young people purchase their economical independence and thus don’t need their parents’ support. Very often they have higher level of education, their own dwelling and opportunity to spend their free time outside the family. The power of parental authority today often falls, being replaced with the authority of the individual parents.
Thirdly, people nowadays prefer to postpone having a family, as they find such things as career, traveling or social life more attractive and rewarding.
However, the  modern family  plays much more important role, because it provides not only economical, but emotional and psychological background for its members. Parents fulfill tremendously   important social task in upbringing their children, they teach them such moral characteristics as diligence, dignity, devotion and responsibility.
All in all, I consider that our mission is to be a part of something more valuable, more important then our self - a part of a company, a part of  a community, a part of a society, a part of a family.  What is more, it is not enough to be just a part, it is vital to be a strong, supporting and contributing part. So let us be a strong and stout part of our families, let us serve our mission doubtlessly and be happy.
 Kyryl Beskorovayny, 11th grade, 2011  
 People used to think that the family played an important role in society, but times have changed and now the family is much less important.(a for-against essay) 
Faina Ranevskaya once said, "The family replaces everything. Therefore, before you make it, it is worth thinking about what is more important for you: everything or the family?” The family has always been an important part of our life. However our life is changing rapidly and we are changing with it. Nowadays people have different opinions as for the role of the family in modern society. 
On the one hand we live in the time of technological progress and many professions of today are impossible to be obtained without deep and substantional knowledge of  the subject. Very often people concentrate on their work and career and stop thinking about their families, children or parents. They prefer careless communication on the mobile phones or via the Internet to spending their time on building really strong and long-lasted relationship in reality.
In big cities people feel bogged down with different sorts of responsibilities, they don’t want to add one more to the list, considering a family with all its duties and obligations more a burden than benefit. 
Besides nowadays labour-saving devices solve the problem of house chores and both men and women can easily get along without anybody’s help.
Nevertheless some people point out that now the family plays even more important role than it used to do. It gives its member the most necessary and precious things such as love, devotion, care and understanding. It is the place, where you are accepted and appreciated with all your problems, faults and drawbacks. People find their happiness and comfort inside the family.
In addition, living in a family, people are less afraid of difficulties and feel more confident. They can always rely on their relatives’ help and support.
What is more, people, who have children, get such important feeling as being needed, worthwhile and respected. They feel really happy when they can be proud of their children.
In my opinion, it is a pity that nowadays family doesn’t play such an important role as it should. I hope that eventually people will be able to understand that there are things much more valuable than money or career.
Angelika Mutska, 11th grade, 2011

Do you think it is possible to have a perfect day?

( an opinion essay) 

What if, when you are grey-hared and wrinkled, someone asks you how many perfect days you had in your life? Would you be able to answer? Doubtful, as people’s emotions and feelings are like a roller coaster, they change rapidly. Yesterday you thought the day was just fine and today you are carping about things you could have said and could have done. Yet does it mean that we don’t have our perfect days at all? And if we do, how would we define a perfect day?

Nowadays the phrase " It was the best day of my life” is tossed around a lot. Although it is exaggerated in most of the cases it expresses a person’s profound satisfaction with the spent day. Therefore, it is great when people say it over and over again, as it shows that the meanings of blithe, joy and happiness are not lost in the vanity of our lives. Everyone gets a period of success or satisfaction during his lifetime or as it is said; "Every dog has its day”. The definition of a perfect day varies from person to person. Someone makes a brilliant business deal and becomes more affluent and prosperous and considers that day as a perfect, and someone, on the contrary, might

spend some wonderful time with family and call that a perfect day – it is just different for everyone.

As for me, my perfect day is when I accomplish as much as possible. Moreover, I am a kind of person that has quick silver in his veins so I need to be occupied all the time and definitely achieve success in whatever I do. I am inclined to think that if I plan my schedule to its capacity, I am going to have a perfectly productive day.

All things considered, it is absolutely possible for everyone to have a perfect day. You simply have to strike while the iron is hot and do whatever brings you joy, apart of your obligations. All in all, we live only once, so let’s live our perfect lives instead of simply perfect days.


Kyrylo Bescorovayny, 11th grade, 2011

One Day in My Summer Holydays

                                              ( a life story)

 I would like to tell you about one day in my summer h day in the middle of July. I woke up very early in  the morning at my granny’s house in the village, because that day my  friends and me were going to pick up blueberries in the nearby forest. I  jumped out of my bed, put on my shorts, T-shirt and sandals, drank a cup  of tea with a sandwich and grab a basket with a snack and a Coca tin. I ran out of the yard into the village street, where my friends were  already waiting for me. Laughing and chatting we went across the field full of bright flowers  to the thick pine forest. In the forest we started to pick up blueberries and it was so exiting  that I didn’t notice how I appeared in absolutely unknown place. I  didn’t hear the voices of my friends and didn’t see anybody of them .I  began to shout to my friends, but nobody answered and I understood that  I got lost! I was really scared, because I didn’t know what to do or  where to go. I decided to walk straight ahead – I hoped to fond a forest road, which  could lead me somewhere out of the forest. I walked and walked and walked but couldn’t find any sign of a road. At  last I felt really tired, hungry and thirsty and sat down under a tree  to have a snack and a rest. I got a packet with sandwiches out of the  basket and took one of them. When I made the first bite I suddenly noticed some big grey shadow in  the bushes under the pine-trees. I thought that it was a wolf and jumped  on my feet ready to run off!  At that very moment a huge grey dog with big ears and a bushy tail came  out of the bush. He came to me, smelled my basket and than licked my hand. I can’t  express how happy I was to meet the dog in the middle of the forest! I  gave him the second sandwich and he devoured it in one gulp. Then he  licked my hand and made some steps. He stopped and turned his head - it looked as he invited me to follow  him. I grabbed my basked and hurried after my new friend. Can you imagine my surprise when in an hour we went out of the forest  just near the village! The dog licked my hang for the last time so as he wanted to say good-buy  and disappeared in the forest. In a moment I noticed my friends - they were really worrying with my  disappearance and were going to go to the village for help. I told them the whole story and my friends said that nobody in the  village had such a dog! It was the greatest adventure of my summer holidays and I will never  forget it!

 Anton Dasuk, 7th grade, 2011

A place I will never forget

My name is Daniel, I am an ordinary student and go to an ordinary school. But, I’m not going to tell you about myself, I am going to tell you about my birthplace – a rather small town called Chernigov… You know, I don’t want to tell you some bare, uninteresting facts, like the area, population, climate, geographical position. I want to share my thoughts with you about this town, the place where I was born.

Let’s imagine that I’m going for a walk now and that you can read my thoughts like a book – isn’t it interesting to read other people’s thoughts?

I live near the centre of Chernigov and my house is situated in a green place surrounded with trees. A small river, the Stryzhen, flows nearby. Yes, this river is polluted and needs a lot of money to be revived and mosquitoes bite me there cruelly in summer… but, I got used to it and I like to walk in the shadows of the trees growing high above, hiding the river from the sunlight. I really like this place, I’ve just got used to it during these long 15 years, though some changes need to be made here. Now I’m walking towards the southern part of the town. I can feel this gorgeous smell of fresh bread that has just been made in the bakery nearby. Then comes Shevchenko Street. Sometimes I don’t like the street because of these noisy trolley-buses, however huge chestnuts which grow along the street can hide you from the heat of the sun in summer.

Oh, I am tired of the noise of the cars and other means of transport… At last, I can see green trees of the Rampart. The moment of entering this place is special – suddenly everything stays behind and the only sounds you can hear are your steps, somebody’s laughter, quite talks, and birds singing. The Rampart is the oldest part in Chernigov, 25000 people lived here at the time of Kievan Rus and such a city considered to be huge at those times, it was nearly the second after Kiev! It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Still, when I’m here, when I visit this place, something special happens to me and I can feel that there was a big fortress, where princes lived in their beautiful palaces…

Some buildings can be seen among the trunks of ancient trees, these buildings are beautiful, great, and ancient cathedrals. It’s an interesting fact that the cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour is more than 1000 years old and was even taller than the famous St. Sophia’s cathedral in Kiev! I like to spend my free time in a small arbour which is situated near this cathedral. It is especially wonderful when nobody sits near you, when you have a nice opportunity to dream, to think of everything you want. The Rampart is actually a shadowy place, because of huge trees and in winter they are covered with sparkling snow, which makes them very picturesque.

I am walking to the western edge of the hill – suddenly, all the trees step back and I am able to see the port and our Desna-river. This beautiful river is often considered to be the younger sister of the Dnieper; it is often blue on sunny days and looks magnificent from a far distance.

Just in front of me a beautiful, medium-sized cannon is standing, graceful I should say, actually, there are 12 of them, they are said to be the present of Peter I. Sometimes I like to sit on my favourite cannon and observe the town pretending I’m a great general of those times.

There is one more hill opposite the western part of the Rampart, where St. Catherine’s church stands. Unfortunately, it does not work as a church – it has been a museum since the Great October Socialist Revolution. In 1917 many churches and cathedrals were ruined. I often thank God that we still have such treasures of architecture as these…

Further I’m taking a walk along the Alley of Heroes, for me they are not heroes, but just people who fought for their ideas during the Revolution in the Russian Empire and that’s all. I like to be on this Alley when the fountains work, they are really beautiful under the sun!

I’ve written enough to make other people visit Chernigov. I can tell you more and more interesting things, but I think it’s better to see once than to hear hundreds times. Some tourists may not like Chernigov for its quiet life comparing with such hectic cities as Kiev. Nevertheless, I am sure many of them could appreciate its beauty and charmness. I’ll never forget Chernigov, the town where I was born and will always have a place for Chernigov in my heart!

Danyil Litovchenko, 10th grade, 2008

Chernigiv – City of My Childhood

     It is impossible to speak about our homeland Ukraine and not to mention the history a real ancient and beautiful city, the city, without which Ukraine would not be Ukraine, but some different country, the country that definitely had lost some of its unforgettable beauty. It is my native city, Chernigiv.

     The first written mention of the city can be found in the "Chronicle of Bygone Years”.  A beautiful picturesque city, which stands on the Desna-river, don’t stop charming  by its beauty not only the tourists< but its citizens also. However not each of them knows that according to the archeological finds Chernigiv is much older even than Kyiv – the capital of the former Kyivan Rus. If you are interested in the history of the city, you can find out some version, according to which, Chernigiv  gained its name. According to one of them, it owes its name to the dark thick forests that surrounded the city in ancient times. Another version is that Chernigiv was named after its legendary founder, Prince Cherny, or his daughter Charna.

    During the occupation of Chernigiv by the Nazis in the second world war the region became a centre of partisan war fire. The Nazis destroyed over 70% of the housing, a lot of schools and hospitals and all the industrial enterprises. The city laid in ruins. But its main architectural finds were almost saved, though not completely of course, and later a lot of them were restored and rebuilt. And nowadays a curious visitor of the city can see them at all their beauty.

     If you go to the Rampart you will find there 12 old cannons – the relics of the time of Peter 1. rampart itself and 22 outstanding architectural monuments dating back to the 10th – 12th centuries are included into the historical and architectural preserve. The most famous of them is the Cathedral of Transfiguration of the Saviour where the legendary Prince Igor lies buried. The chirch was built in 1031 by Prince Mstislav, its interior is brightly colored and richly decorated. Next to it stands the Cathedral of St Boris and Gleb, buil in 1223 by Prince David Svyatoslavich. Near the cathedral you can see the building of the Collegium, built in 1700-1702 for the sons of rich cossacs and clergy to study there. The special attention must be paid to the Chirch of St Catherine, which dominates at the entrance to Chernigiv and has been an easily recognizable symbol of the city for many years. Walking from the rampart along Seryozhnicov Street you can’t but notice the church of Crucifixion. No information is available as to when it was built, but we know that during the second world war the monument was wrecked by the direct hit of an aircraft bomb and was restored in its glorious beauty thanks to the restorer Baranovsky.

     A rare tourist or a guest of our city doesn’t go to the Boldin Hill where the Eternal Flame commemorates the unforgettable deeds of  those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our Motherland. There you can also visit the famous St Anthony’s Caves, which are older then Kyiv Lavra Cave Monastery.

But not to deepen into the history we can just say that our city, the hoary city of the golden domes and eternal beauty, becomes more and more beautiful with each year that passes by. As the saying goes : "Towns are not people, time doesn’t age them”. And if you one day come to Chernigiv, you will never forget that city on the green bank of the Desna.

Nikolaenko Katerine, 10 B form, 2008

Chernihiv is the city of my love

      Everybody likes his or her home city. It is natural to a person to belong to the place he or she was born. I am not an exception. I was born and have been living in Chernihiv.  Fortunately, Chernihiv is well known in Ukraine. Mostly it is due to its wonderful historical sights, its peaceful atmosphere, large amount of greenery which provides its inhabitants with a fresh breath of air. In addition, Chernihiv is a "must-go” point for tourists visiting Ukraine. Basically, Chernihiv is one of those cities which make us calm and relaxed, and give us an opportunity to escape fussiness of big places.

       In my view, the city is a romantic one. It creates an aura of love especially in summer times when a number of monuments are covered with blossing trees. I can’t imagine a finer, more amazing place than our famous Rampart. Frankly speaking, when having just a walk there at times I find myself wishing to stay there at least for some hours. The shining sun creates a special effect which can’t be expressed with words. It makes a strange impact on me, it wakes a romanticist in my soul. And this state gives me a push for doing something unusual. The place where cannons were mounted enjoys an immense popularity among young people as well as elders, because exactly there you can look at the Desna River and this place is nice to rest. If this is not enough for you, you should visit the Boldin Hill. I suppose it is the only place which may be a "rival” to the Rampart in beauty. These two sights have their own unique atmospheres which are quite similar and diffirent at the same time. They replenish each other. They can’t be separated because they are one whole thing. The mounds of the Boldin Hill create a peculiar astonishing view which can hardly be found in the whole Ukraine. The Boldin Hill is a great historical point as well. 

        These two places make reputation for Chernihiv. And this reputation is a weighty one. It is difficult to find some sights as famous as these ones and I consider it fair because nothing can be compared with the Rampart and the Boldin Hill. They are old and all these centuries they have been evolving in beauty and the result we can observe now.             

Areg Movsesyan, 10th grade, 2008

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