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Підбиті підсумки конкурсу "One Day of My Summer Holidays". Пропонуємо Вам переглятути твори, які жюрі визнало кращими.

The Most Beautiful Day of My Summer

"Get up quickly!” – that was the start of that day. I opened my eyes and saw that it was still dark outside the train and the early dawn was hiding in the thick fog, so I hadn’t a clue it was day or night. Although it was really early I appeared to be the only person in the carriage who was still asleep. As I woke up later that the rest of the compartment, everybody had been already active and my granny was the boss. It was her words that awoke me in the middle of my sweet dreams. I yawned and  started to dress.
We arrived at the place of destination strictly on time. It was 6a.m and exactly at that moment everything began. I just made the first steps into the streets of the still sleeping town, carrying my bag and helping my younger brother with his one, when the first beams of the rising sun fell onto our faces. The sun was peeping from behind the hoary Carpathian mountains and the whole sight was so unbelievably gorgeous that it took my breath away. I could only whispered, "Oh, my…”
And it was only beginning. When we came to our sanatorium in Yaremche we left our things there and went for a walk. The local citizens told us about one exiting place there, which they called "The Marine Eye”.  It was an emerald green spot of tell trees that were growing high in the mountain on the other side of the river Prut. The river was itself rapidly carrying its clear cold waters down the rocks and the merry voices of the streams filled the air.
We walked a bit down the river and another miracle appeared before our eyes. It was a huge grey stone which looked as a real elephant with four legs, a head and even a trunk!
Our Granny decided not to waste the time, so we jumped on the first bus that took us to Polyana village, where the famous ski resort Bukovel is situated. The lifter was carrying us to the top of the mountains and were admiring the breathtaking views which appeared 100 meter under the lifter. Dense fog covered the steep slopes of the mountains and only the tops of them were floating above its white waves. One of the top was glittering with white snow, although it was a middle of June. It was the famous Hoverla – the highest peak of Ukraine. Wherever we looked there were mountains and valleys, covered with bright green grasses –  the unique Carpathian polonynas. How unforgettably beautiful is our nature, hoe generous it is to us, its careless and naïve children.
The day of my first meeting the Carpathians, a real gem of our Ukraine was the most beautiful I have ever had. Hardly can I forget those glorious mountains, sunshine soaking through the silvery mist of dawn and the melody of trembitas echoing through the centuries.
Irina Dasuk, 9th grade, 2011

The Best Day in My Summer Holidays

Probably you have been invited to the wedding ceremony many times. However I personally have never taken part in such a ceremony. That is why I was on top of the world when my mother told me that my cousin was going to get married and the ceremony would be in Vinnitsa in July. I was waiting for that day impatiently and at last it came.
Everything seemed to be like in a fairy-tale. My cousin looked a real princess in her uxurious white gown and beautiful long veil. The bride-groom was also very handsome and serious in his wedding suit.
Although there were about 4oo guests the atmosphere was extremely warm and touching. I met a lot of relatives whom I had never met before and made some new friends. We ate -unbelievably delicious dishes of special wedding cuisine, danced a lot and took part in different contests and folk wedding rites, which I liked best of all. For example all unmarried 
girls had to dance with the bride’s veil. People say that if you do so it will help you to find a good husband and bring you happiness in your future family life. Another well-known custom is throwing the bride’s bunch of flowers. The girl who catches the flowers is believed to get married successfully in the nearest future. Unfortunately this time it 
wasn’t me.
In the evening of the first day everyone felt exhausted but really happy. The celebration lasted for some day but unfortunately we could not stay for so long. However I was bsolutely delighted and impressed with what I had watched. I feel I will never forget that first wedding ceremony in my life. It was the best and definitely unforgettable day in my summer holidays.

Alina Shumna, the 10th grade, 2011

One day of My Summer Holidays

 The most unforgettable day in my life… It is usually said and upsetting, when something nice gets to the end. Nevertheless, as my exchange year in the USA was coming to the end and I was running out of time, little I knew that the best day of my life was still awaiting for 
The preparation for American graduation was tremendously stressful for me. As it always happens for me, I arrive at the eleven’s hour. This time was not an exception. I had to turn in my graduation speech and it had not been ready till an hour before the graduation started. As teachers were not able to check it, I could say whatever I wanted in front of hundreds of people. And you bet I did. When I finished everyone was astonished by my courageous and hilarious speech. Now, after some time has passed, I watch the video of my speech and feel embarrassed in some parts, burst into laughing in others and find some parts touchy and sad. However I was the star of the evening. A whole bunch of people, even those I had not seen in my life before, came up and praised me.
All in all, the graduation flowed perfectly and I was given a ride home. My caution fell asleep and I could not have suspected what would happen next. After I got out of my friends’ car, one of them asked if we could take some more pictures in my backyard. It did not make any sense to me at that point because my backyard was not much a photo-shoot background 
and we had already taken a lot of pictures at school. However as soon as we entered my house I realized what was going on. More that 30 friends of mine were standing into a semi-circle and holding gifts for me. It was a surprise party - the greatest, the most awesome party in my life! We ate grilling, played games, opened the presents, but the most important thing was that we were all together.
That day I felt happy, loved, worthful, purposeful. I felt everything I was able to feel. I really appreciated my friends’ affection. I will always remember them, they are my cherished treasure, my pure sunshine. They make me happy when the sky is grey.

Kyrylo Beskorovayny, 11th grade, 2011
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