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Перелік тем для ДПА 9 клас 2015-2016 н.р.

Writing Tasks

1. Write an email to your pen-friend about your summer holidays.
• tell him/her about your favourite season
• describe your favourite activities during summer holidays
• explain why previous summer holidays were significant for you.
2. Write an email to your English friend about a school event which was very successful.
• talk about the preparations before the event
• describe the event and talk about your part in the event
• explain why it was successful.
3. You have received an email from an English friend inviting you to spend Christmas in England. Write an email in which you
• thank him/her for inviting you
• apologise for having to turn down the invitation and explain why you cannot accept the invitation
• suggest your friend visiting Ukraine at Christmas and celebrate it with your family.
4. You want to invite your English friend to your town for a few days. Write an email in which you
• invite your friend to stay at your house
• suggest possible dates for the trip
• suggest activities you can do together when your friend arrives.
5. You have received an email from your friend inviting you to go on a cycling holiday with him/her in Scotland. Write an email in which you
• accept the invitation
• say why you are interested
• ask whether your wants you to book tickets, accommodation, etc.
6. You want to thank your friend for helping you with a school assignment
• thank him/her for their help and explain why it was difficult for you to cope with the task
• say whether your teacher was pleased with the assignment
• suggest going out together and treating your friend to a pizza.
7. Write a book review
• introduce the book you are writing about. Give the title, and the author, and any other relevant background information
• summarise the plot without getting into too much detail
• summarise what you think about the book
• if you liked the book, recommend it for others to read, and give a reason why you think they should read it.
8. Write an opinion essay about secondary education
• state what education is and whether you are satisfied with it or not
• give your reasons for or against traditional systems of education (3 points)
• give opposite point of view (unconventional education: informal, special, private, distant etc.)
9. Write an email to your pen-friend about your Christmas memories
• tell about Ukrainian winter holidays
• describe traditional ways of celebrating Christmas in Ukraine
• explain why you cherish Christmas.
10. Write a descriptive essay about the system of education in Ukraine (primary, secondary, high)
• describe the levels of education in Ukraine
describe what abilities schoolchildren obtain at each level
• state your personal attitude towards this system of education.
11. You received a letter from your pen-friend in which he/she expresses his/her dissatisfaction with Ukrainian system of education. He/ She considers it extremely conservative and rigid. Write him/her an essay in which you say
• If you think a modern school develops all the aspects of a child
• If you can say that your school is your “second home”. Are your teachers and you are opponents, friends, rivals, enemies, strangers? What is the ideal?
• What should be changed in the system of secondary education to make it more flexible, up-to-date and interesting for children.
12. Write an opinion essay about using an avatar in social networks systems
• describe what an avatar is and state why and how people choose avatars
• state your own attitude towards using avatars
• explain why many people do not like using avatars in their network systems.
13. Write an descriptive essay about urban communities
• state what an urban community is
• describe why many people like the idea to become members of any urban communities
• explain the reasons why many people do not want to join any urban community
• state your own point of view as for urban communities.
14. Write an invitation to your friend to visit to a catwalk show
• ask your friend about their plans for the weekends
• describe your attitude towards fashion
• suggest visiting a catwalk show and give reasons why.
15. Write an email about famous people
• describe what a celebrity is
• describe your favourite celebrity and give reasons why you like him/her and give your reasons why
• suggest whether you would like to become a celebrity or not.
16. Write an opinion essay about the role of heroes in our lives
• state what a hero is
• state who can become heroes
• suggest if it is difficult to be heroes.
17. Write an opinion essay “Adventures make life more exciting”
• state what adventures are
• suggest if adventures are necessary in life
• give an opposite point of view.
18. Write a solution essay about environmental problems in our world
• describe what environmental problems we face nowadays
• choose the most serious ones and state why
• suggest any ways to solve the problem.
19. Write an opinion essay to the statement “You need to be a charismatic person to be successful in life”
• describe what an identity is
• suggest if it is difficult to become an identity and what traits of character should a charismatic person possess
• suggest if it is not necessary to be different from others.
20. Write an descriptive essay about big events
• describe what a big event is and give some examples from the world history
• describe big events in the history of your country; when and where it took place
• express your opinion to the event.
21. Write an email about outstanding events in your family
• describe happy and sad events in your family
• state why you consider them outstanding memories for your family
• suggest any other significant events for a family.
22. Write an opinion essay about the house you are living in
• state what a dwelling is
• describe your dwelling and its amenities and whether you are satisfied with them
• give an opposite opinion to the stated above.
23. Write a for and against essay about extreme kinds of sports
• state what an extreme sport is
• give your reasons for or against doing extreme kinds of sports and support your main ideas with arguments
• state your own opinion.
24. Write a blog article “Ukraine in the eyes of Europe”
• Give general information about Ukraine
• Give positive aspects that can attract Europeans
• Give the drawbacks that can give a negative impression to Europeans.
25. Write an email abut your school life
• describe the school you are studying in
• tell your friend about extra curriculum activities suggested in your school
• ask your friend about his/her school life.
26. Write an opinion essay about talents and special abilities
• describe what qualities make a person unique and support your points of view with examples
• suggest that some people have a different point of view
• make a conclusion.
27. Write an opinion essay about music
• state what music is
• describe your own attitude towards music
• give an opinion opposite to the suggested.
28. Write an email to your English friend about being a teenager
• thank your English friend for his/her letter
• say whether it is easy to be a teenager now
• describe the situation with Ukrainian teenagers
• ask him/her what problems English teenagers face today.
29. Write an opinion essay about friendship
• state your attitude towards the importance of friendship in your life
• give your own examples
• suggest any other opposite point of view.
30. Write an opinion essay about jobs in future
• the background for the change in job significance, what made it possible
• what jobs were important twenty years ago
• what jobs are important today
• give your personal point of view as for jobs in future.
31. Write an opinion essay according to the statement “Art is unnecessary waste of time”. Express your opinion on the subject.
• state what art is
• agree or disagree with the statement and prove your point of view with some examples
• give an opposite point of view • make a conclusion.
32. You have got a letter from your English pen-friend in which he/she complains that there has been a lot of rain in his/her region lately, so he/she can’t spend much time outdoors and feels bored at home. Write a letter to your pen-friend in which you tell him/her
• whether you have a lot spare time at present and why or why not
• how you usually spend your free time indoors
• your advice on how to make his/her stay at home more exciting.
33. Write an opinion essay on the topic “Science has created more problems than it has solved”
• give reasons why you think so
• prove your ideas with examples
• give an opposite point of view.

Пропонуємо до уваги дев'ятикласників зразки творів для ДПА 9 класу з англійської мови в 2015-2016 н.р.

До уваги девятикласників, що збираються складати іспит з англійської мови. Ми пропонуємо вам варіанти відповідей на друге та трете питання билетів( творче письмове завдання та усна відповідь). Вони складені у форматах, що відповідають вимогам міжнародних екзаменів (TOEFL, FCE).
ДПА 2011 на 10 сторінці

Card 1

II. Task:
at your school you are organizing a lecture with a famous clinber, Chris Sharma, who has climbed "Realisation” in france – the hardest route in the world. Write a note about the lecture. Include this information: Event after the lecture (photo signing). 


"Attention Everyone!
School Geographic Club invites you to the lecture with a famous climber Chris Sharma.
The subject of the lecture is his last experience if climbing "Realization” in
France – the hardest route in the world.
The lecture will take place at
2pm, on the 27th of May, in school assembly hall.
After the lecture there will be photo signing.”

III Task: talk about the seaside attractions and describe its good and bad points. Include this information:


Good morning, my name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of spending your holidays at the seaside. Nowadays travelling is the most popular kind of spending free time. A lot of people prefer to go to the seaside for their holidays. There are a number of reasons for such a decision.
First of all you have a brilliant opportunity to change your daily routine. You can spend the whole day on the beach, sunbathe, swim and paddle, pick up seashells and pebbles, play beach volleyball or rent a boat or a water scooter. You can also go to the amusement arcades and play different games. Sometimes you can ride a horse or a donkey at the beach. Numerous funfairs and rides like the big dipper or big wheel are situated right on the front for the holiday-makers’ convenience .  Very often amusement parks with different attractions, such as roller-coasters, see-saws and merry-go-rounds or water theme parks are situated at the seaside.  Besides, there are a lot of cozy cafes and bars at the beach, where you can have a snack or buy some refreshments  Moreover, at night the life at the seaside becomes even more active and exciting. You can go to different discos and clubs or buy a ticket to a concert hall, a cinema or a theater.
In a word, you will never be bored at the seaside. The weak point is the seaside prices. Everything is very expensive at high season, and you have to think well while planning your day.

Another drawback is that the seaside resorts are awfully overcrowded in summer. It seems that you have to spend hours in queues before you can get either a glass of juice or your turn to a merry-go-round. There also can be problems with buying tickets, if you go by plane ortrain. So you’d better book a return ticket, when you go to the seaside. If you go there by car, you can have problems with finding a parking place. You should be careful as for your health. Don’t lie in the sun from 10a.m. to 4p.m. Use special creams for tan before going to the beach and after it. Sea waves can be very dangerous, so don’t swim far away and don’t stay long in the water not to catch a cold. You should also be careful as for the food you eat. Stomach infections are quite common for people on holidays. Don’t buy any food if it smells or looks strange. Keep the food in a fridge.

Seaside resorts are paradise for different kinds of swindlers, twisters, thieves and pickpockets. keep your money in a safe place and don’t speak to a suspicious strangers.


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