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    Card 2

II Task:
while traveling in Britain you left your suitcase on a bus. Write a note. Include this information:

-describe the suitcase; -when and where you left it; -explain that your suitcase is very important to you; -give your contact details. 


"On September, 23rd, a suitcase was left in the bus of National Express, which left London for Newcastle at 5p.m. It is a new, middle-sized brown leather trolley suitcase with black plastic handles and a big pocket. A fair reward is guaranteed to a finder.
Contact phone: home –mobile –e-mail address:ask for Alexander Ivanenko”

III Task: your classmates have decided to organize a disco and you want to invite students from England who are just staying in your town for an exchange programme. Tell them about;

-a possibility to organize a disco according to your class preferences (time, place, number of students); -the kind of music; -security in the disco.


Hi, friends!
We are going to have a disco at our school and we’ll be really glad to see you at the party. We are planning to have it on Friday, on the 20th  of May, at 7p.m. It will last for 2 hours or so. We hope that the time suits you perfectly. It will be a brilliant opportunity to make new friends, to learn some new moments about the way of life of the youth of our country and to practice your Ukrainian of course We are planning to have a thematic 70s disco party. So the dress code is the hippie style – you know, Afro wigs, dreadlocks, bright shirts, flared jeans or trousers, long loose dresses, a lot of plastic bracelets, beads and the staff like that.

We are going to dance to some famous bands of the 70s, like Bee Gees, ABBA, Smokie, Boney M. Our school band will perform some songs of popular Russian groups of that time.We have prepared some games and quizzes to make our party more exciting. The questions will be about the highlights of the 70s, and winners will get very special and unexpected prizes! We are also going to have a karaoke contest to find out the best performer of the 70s hits.

Now we are busy with preparing special decorations – posters, beaded curtains and disco balls – in the style of 70s. We wonder if you have any experience of arranging such events. May be you could help us with some fresh ideas as for making our party more interesting. Any help or ideas will be highly appreciated.

 Taking into consideration security issue, we are going to invite only students of our school and guests from the exchange programme. No more that 100 people are expected to come. No alcohol or sigarretes are admitted. The school security service and the teachers will be in
charge of the party. You can be sure that everything will be okay and go without any troubles. After the party you can get to your accommodation by a special bus.

So we are sure you won’t regret if you come to the party. We are looking forward to seeing you there.


Card 3

II Task: Write an advert for a gadget for sale. Include this information: write what the object is and describe it briefly; mention some of its advantages; Say how long you have used it and give the price; Give your contact details.


Answer: Offered for sale   Sony Forecaster Alarm Clock. It is a weather station and an alarm clock combined in one gadget. It shows time, temperature, air pressure, humidity and forecasts the weather mfor the next 3 days. The clock is in metal frame, made in Japan. I have used it for 2 years and it is in perfect condition. The price is 150 hryvnyas and can be negotiated.

Contact phone:  e-mail address:

III Answer

good morning, my name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to tell you about my last visit to the museum.

My family and I spent a few days during my spring holidays in Lviv. I had been dreaming of this trip for so  long, because a friend of mine who lived in Lviv in his childhood, had told me a lot of exciting  things about the city.

The city was named after the son of prince Danilo of  Galicia, Leo and is a brilliant example of the Gothic and Renessainse Architecture. It boast the famous Lviv  coffee and pastry that you can taste at any of numerous cozy cafes.

We visited a lot of interesting places there and Lviv History Museum was one of the most  memorable. It’s one of the oldest and richest Ukrainian museums. It was founded in 1893 and comprises more than 320,000 artifacts connected with Ancient Rus and Middle Ages in Galicia.

 The Museum’s major collections include works of art and old coins, orders and medals, arms and weapons. No wonder that one building couldn’t house the collection, so the museums buildings include houses #4, 6, 24 on Rynok Square.

The magnificent architecture of the 16-18th centuries charms the visitors even without the treasures stored inside. And, when you start observing the Museum’s collections, you lose all sense of time. The numerous exhibitions tell about the activities of prince Danylo of Galicia, the fight led by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnitsky, other historical events in Galicia.

In my opinion, the most interesting items are exhibited in the Town Arsenal. There you can see the collection of arms and weapons dated back to 13-20th centuries from more that 40 countries. The "Flying Hussars” collection is the richest in the world.

Another Museums attraction is the collection of the 18th century furniture, china, silverwear and clocks preserved and shown in the Royal Chamber on Rynok Square.

The most I liked the manuscript of "Khrystynopilsky Apostle” of the 12th century and the order of Andrey Pervozvanny.

Looking back to my reflections of this trip  I think that we are really happy to live in the country so rich in history and culture.

Card 4
II Task: You are on holiday at the seaside and you’ve just met a film star. Write a postcard to your friend. Include this information:


Answer: Hi Oleh!
I’m in
Yalta now. The weather is fantastic ant the sea is very warm. I’m spending all days on the beach. Guess, who I saw yesterday? Bondarchuck, who stars in "Company 9”( Rota 9). I met him in the café where we usually have a snack. He gave me his autograph!
We’re planning to come back next Sunday.
I hope you have great time in the rest camp.
Bye, Vlad”
Task: you have decided to go to the mountains in Scotland for a few days. Talk about your trip. Include this information:

-how long the trip is; -what kind of accommodation they are offering; -if they offer a student discount.

-Good morning, My name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to tell you about holidays in Scotland. If I visit Great Britain one day I will go to Scotland by no means. Scotland is the northern part of the island and it is the land of mysterious legends and fascinating landscapes. Let’s just take the legend of Loch-Ness, the prehistoric monster that supposes to live in lake Ness. By the way, it isn’t very big, but long, it streches about 35km. the biggest lake of Scotland is Loch-Lomond.

Another tourist attraction is the capital of ScotlandEdinburgh, which is called "Athens of the North”. It is a real gem of the United Kingdom with its magnificent architecture and busy and reach cultural life.

So let’s imagine that I’m in Scotland now and a travel agency – let’s call it "Highlands Tour” – is arranging a trip for our group. They offer some interesting and safe trecks with places for camping. The experienced guides will lead us during our excursions. A doctor will join our group and take care of our health. There will be even a cook to provide us with meals three times a day.

The agency promises all types of accommodation. We will stay the first night in a hotel, then we’ll spend two nights in "B&B” hotels. It is an inn, where you spend the night and have a breakfast in the morning. And the most exciting will be the night that we are planning to spend high in the mountains. It must be very romantic if the weather doesn’t spoil everything of course. In the hotels there will be all necessary facilities, like gyms, bathrooms, even saunas, but to our mountain camping we are going to take sleeping bags, some extra warm clothes, blankets and a lot of hot tea.

We are also planning to see the Famous Highlander Games and enjoy all the events there, like Tossing the caber or Throwing the rock(hammer) The agency organizes all flights for me: from London to Edinburgh and a return trip. he trek costs 850 pound, including all flights and accommodation. As I’m the member of the International Student Identification Card (ISIC), they give me 30% discount.

Card 5

II Task: Your family owns a mountain cottage and you would like to invite your friends for a holiday. Write an e-mail. Include this information:


Our cottage is situated 40km from the city in Ivanivka. The place is really great, the village stands at the Desna and there is a pine forest nearby. A lot of young people come to the village to their relatives and friends, so you can spend fantastic time swimming, sunbathing, hiking and dancing and making new friends at the disco in the local club. There is a big supermarket in the center of the village, so don’t worry for the food. You can come in early July and spend 2 weeks there.

III Task: You have just moved to a new flat but you are not pleased with it. Say:

what you are not happy with; how it interferes with your studying; how you can solve the problem.

Answer: Good morning, my name is …. And I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to tell you about the problem we can meet moving to a new flat.

Moving to a new flat is always a great and exciting event. As a rule, new buildings are situated in new residential areas with all necessary infrastructure, like schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, children playgrounds, sports grounds and parking places. Modern flats usually have convenient layout, they are spacious, comfortable, fully equipped with modern conveniences, such as electricity, running cold and hot water, central heating, sometimes satellite or cable TV, they also have elevators and rubbish chute.

On the other hand, you can face some unpleasant problems starting your life in a new flat. Most of people begin to reconstruct, redesign and redecorate their new dwelling. As a result, their neighbours have to listen to the constant knocking and humming and other noise.
Construction waste and rubbish are stuck in the rubbish chute and piled in the yard. . According to the law, construction operations which produce much noise, must be done only from 10 p.m. to
10 a.m.
 However, trying to finish the work as soon as possible, many workers start their work as early as 7 or even 6 o’clock and finish late at night. Of course, it is hard to study or have a rest in such a situation. According to the law, construction operations which produce much noise, must be done only from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m.

Besides, some new residential areas are situated rather far from the downtown and community transport can become another problem. As a rule, there are few bus or trolleybus routes there and you will have to get sed to getting up earlier, than before.
Of course, sooner or later all these disadvantages will disappear, and you’ll enjoy living in a new apartment. As people say, "There is no place like home”

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