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Card 9
II Task: Imagine that you have applied to go on one of the TV shows advertised. Write an e-mail to a friend telling him/her about it. Include this information: where you saw the advertisement; why you want to go on the show; what you wrote on the application form.

Hi, buddy!
Guess what I am going to do in a week? I’m going to take the audition for the part in a new reality show on MTV Channel! I saw their ads in "TeenTime” magazine by cheer chance. There was an application form there with quite ordinary staff: full name, age, sex, family members, hobbies and what not. I filled it in and send to their e-mail address. And today they called me and said that I suited their project absolutely! I’m really crazy about it! It could be a brilliant opportunity for me to start a career on TV. Keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me good luck. I’ll keep in touch as soon as I pass the audition.
Bye, …

III Task: Imagine that you are going to spend a month in England on an English-language course. Give the information to the family you are going to stay. Include this information: introduction, general personal details; say something about your village / town / city and your country; say something about your hobbies and interests

Good morning, my name is …. and I’m a student of the 9th form. I’m going to give a self-presentation and tell you about myself, my family, my hometown and my hobbies and interests.
I live in Chernihiv. It is and administrative, political and economic center of Chernihiv Region, or, as we call it, oblast. The city is situated in the north-western part of Ukraine,
150 km from Kyiv, the capital of our country, on the right bank of the Desna river. It is interesting to mention that the Slavonic word "Desna” means "right”, because the Desna is a right tribute of the Dnieper, the main river of Ukraine and the third longest river in Europe.
 According to the legends the city derives its name from prince Chorny an ancient ruler of the city and its daughter, princess Charna, or from dark ( which means "chorny” in Ukrainian) forests which surrounded the city in those times. Chernihiv is one of the most ancient cities of the country, it is 1 300 years old, that’s why there are a lot of historic landmarks there. 5 of 25 Ukrainian historic monuments included in the "World Treasures’ List” by UNESCO are located in Chernihiv. The most popular tourist attractions in the city is Val or Rampart – the former citadel of Chernihiv princes. There you can see a magnificent cathedral of Transfiguration of our Savior and a cathedral of St Borys and Gleg – both dates back to the 11th century. At the entrance to the city on a hill there is a beautiful
church of St Catherine, which considers to be a visiting card of Chernihiv. On the Rampart you can also see 12 cannons – they were presented to the city by the first Russian emperor Peter the First after his victory over the Swedish army at the beginning of 18th century. Another place of interest is the Boldin hill. "Bold” means "An oak” in Slavonic language and the oak was a sacred tree to the Slavs in pre-christian times. I know that in England the oak was also worshipped by the druids. There are still some oaks on the Boldin Hill, but the main attraction of the place is St Antony’s Caves – an ancient cave monastery that is older that famous Kyiv- Pechersk Lavra.

Chernihiv is one of the greenest city of Ukraine – more than 30 sq m of greenery allotted to each resident. The city manages to combine its ancient glory with tense and hectic rhythm of modern life. I really wish everybody could come and enjoy the beauty of my native city.
And now some words about my hobby…

Card 10

II Task: Imagine that you are having a disastrous holiday. Write a postcard to a friend back home. Tell him/her about: the journey; the weather; the accommodation.

Hi, friends!
We are on holidays in the Carpathians. The weather is awful, it has been raining for three days and it’s really cold. In our hotel there is no hot running water, the food is disastrous and the staff of the hotel is really rude. The ceiling in our room is leaking and the TV-set is out of order. Yesterday we tried to go to the nearby village and lost our way – we spent 3 hours in the forest in the heavy rain which started immediately after that.
I wish I had never taken this trip.
Bye, ….

III Task: Many pupils spend time after school participating in clubs or helping their parents at home.

Which activities do you participate in after school?

Which afterschool activities are important for pupils? Why?

If you could start any afterschool club or programme what would it be? 

Student’s life doesn’t consist of constant study only. Every school offers a wide range of various extra-curriculum activities. We can easily find something according to our tastes and interests. Our students can sing in the music studio, dance. Take part in the drama
club and do different sports. We can also attend different workshops, where we learn how to knit, sew, embroider, carve from wood or fix different appliances. All of these activities are not only interesting, but useful, they help us to develop our skills, enrich our knowledge, reveal our aptitude and sometimes can even influence our choice of future profession.
Besides, it’s very convenient to have afterschool activity at school – you don’t need to waste your time commuting to the club or sport section after the lessons.

As for me, I’m interested in …. That’s why …( tell about your hobby)

And of course we help our parents about the house. This part of our life is as important as our study or doing hobbies. Helping parents we gain skills and knowledge, useful for our adult life. Doing something for family make you feel proud, helpful and mature. In such a way we can show the parents our affection and gratitude. If I could start any afterschool club or activity, I would probably choose something in the social sphere. Maybe I’d start a programme for children with special needs and their parents. I know that such kids lack communication and their parents desperately try to make both ends meet. In
Europe there are a lot of charity societies and volunteer organizations that do this job. But in our country both government and local authorities have been avoiding the problem for years. We should stop being indifferent. Making the life of such children a bit better we make our own society kinder, and more human and understanding.

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