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Card 13 
II. Task: imagine that you have just been to the Science Museum Summer Exhibition. Write a letter to a friend and tell him/her about your day. Include this information: what the museum was like; what you saw; what you did. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.
Hi, buddy!I hope you are OK. I am a bit busy now with all my exams, so yesterday I decided to have a rest. There is now a new Science Museum in our city and some days ago they opened their Summer exhibition.My friends have already been there and said it’s really cool.So yesterday I went there too. The museum itself is in a new high-tech building, but the new exhibition is in the open air. It shows the history of the city transport. They have all those funny old vehicles there, I even managed to sit in an antique car! What’s more, the exhibition is free.
I really enjoyed it.How are your things going? Write me back soon.
Bye, - 
III. Task: Ukrainian teenagers often have responsibilities at school and at home. What are some of your responsibilities at home? At school? Discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of working hard at school and at home. How does age affect your responsibilities?
Good morning, my name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to tell you about the duties and responsibilities of teenagers both at school and at home.Living in a society you can’t escape responsibilities. We cooperate, co-act every moment of our everyday life, one moment we help somebody to solve their problems, next moment we need help ourselves.As a rule, teenagers have certain responsibilities at school, as well as at home. I’m not an exception. At school, alongside with necessity to study well, do homework, make projects work hard at the lesson, I take part in arranging different parties. My last task was to organize a quiz show "Who’s the cleverest?” I spend a couple of days surfing the Internet, searching interesting, unexpected information and formulating questions.
My home duties are washing up, cleaning the flat with the vacuum cleaner and sometimes shopping, when mum is out of time. I can’t say that I’m happy with all that job, but I understand that my parents work really hard to supply me with everything I need, so I must contribute in my family life. Besides, doing something really useful makes me feel necessary, mature and proud.
Though I must admit that the attitude to teenager’s work is different.For example, in European countries and in America teenagers have a lot of opportunities to earn money absolutely legally. Thus they can solve the problem of their pocket money and even save a certain sum for studying at college. I wish we could do so in Ukraine. Unfortunately, economic situation in the country doesn’t allow us to be financially independent.
Besides there are different opinion as for the possibility to combine work and study. Some parents think that the only task of their children is to study hard to get as much knowledge as possible. They don’t want their children to waste their time on doing chores or participating in extra-curricula activities.
Other parents think that children should start having responsibilities both at home and at school the sooner the better. They claim that in this case teenagers become more organized, confident, responsible and mature.
As for the age, there is no doubt that the older we get the more complicated and responsible tasks we are given. That’s natural. Our responsibilities grow with us, preparing us to adult life.The only necessary thing is to keep reasonable balance between study, after-school activities and chores.

Card 14
I. Task: Imagine that you have seen a programme. Write a letter to the programmmme makers. Include this information: say how much you enjoyed it; say why you enjoyed it; ask for information about a DVD of the programme. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.
Dear Sir/Madame, I am writing to express my sheer admiration with the TV programme you have made. I saw it yesterday by pure chance and enjoyed it a lot. The programme concerns some burning issues of the teenagers’ life. As far as I understand it has been on TV for a couple of months. I regret not having seen all the issues. I would like to know whether I can find your programme’s record on DVD. I am looking forward to your answer. Sincerely, -  
II. Task: Talk about an environmental problem in your country and in the world. Include this information: why you care about the problem; what will happen if we don’t take action; what individuals can do to help; what government can do to help.
Good morning, my name is … and I’m a student of the 9th form. I would like to share my thoughts about environmental problems. About 2 hundreds years ago people lived in greater harmony with nature because industry was not much developed. Today the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worrying about the situation with environmental pollution. Mass media discuss the problem every moment. Why is there so much discussion about environmental problems? After all, people have been polluted the world around them for thousands and thousands of years. Hundreds of species of animals and birds have become extinct because of human activities. But in the past there were not so many people and enough room on the planet, that’s why environmental problems weren’t so acute. Nowadays the situation seems really threatening. Every day during the rush hour you can see cars stuck in traffic jams, which send their exhaust fumes un into the atmosphere. If we had an integrated public transport system with reasonable fares, commuters would be encouraged to leave their cars at home and switch to a more efficient form of transport. Besides it’s necessary to make clean production on many plants of different cities in Ukraine. Zaporizhya, Luhansk and Donetsk are just examples of the cities where air and water are badly polluted with waste from different enterprises. It is not only in towns that the quality of life is being threatened. Although farmers say they have to use pesticides on their crops, some experts believe that these chemicals can get into the food chain which will result in the number of people affected by canser and various allergies. More research needs to be carried out so that we can cut down the use of harmful chemicals but still produce what we need. Potentially the most dangerous threat to the environment is nuclear waste from power station. The biggest tragedy of Ukraine was the catastrophe which happened on April 26, 1986 on Chernobyl nuclear power station. The explosion of the reactor had made a vast territory of the country and its gem, Polissya, contaminated with radiation and unsuitable for living. A lot of people died because of different diseases connected with the radiation. By developing alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar and wave power, we can make our world much safer to live in. Keeping our environment clean isn’t only the governmental task. In fact we, common citizens can also do a lot to help our mother nature to survive. We should buy only recyclable goods, safe water and electricity, not to litter our streets and parks and try to be as environmental-friendly as possible. Mankind log believed that, whatever we did, the Earth would remain the same. Now we know that it’s untrue. One country’s pollution can be every country’s problem. So we all need to work together to safeguard our environment.We have a moral duty to look after our planet and hand it on in good order to future generation. We must not sacrifice our future well-being for short-term gains, nor pile up environmental debts which will burden our children.

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