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Card 11 
II Task: imagine that your friend has moved to another country. Write an e-mail to him/her. Include this information: say you are sorry not to  write for so long; give the news about yourself; ask questions about  your friend. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.
 Hi, buddy,
Sorry for the long silence – I’ve been really busy those days with final  tests and preparations for the exams. Now the school is over, I have  more free time, but of course I spend a big deal of it on preparing for my exams. I feel a bit nervous but hope everything gonna be OK. How are you? Have you got used to the new country? Has your life changed a lot? How is your new school? As far as I know, your school year finishes at the end of June. Is it hard to study there? Do you have any new subjects? Do they have any exams? Have you already met new friends?Write me back as soon as possible, I’m dying to know about everything! Best wishes from all our friends!
         Bye, ….  
III Task: imagine that you have to give a talk about the school or college where you study to some visitors. How do you think, what makes a good school? Include this information: friendly atmosphere; lots of computers; hard-working students; good sport facilities; modern classrooms. 
Good morning? My name is …. And I’m going to tell you about our school and about the things that make a school your second home. We do not find it difficult to speak about our school. School №2 is the oldest one in the city of Chernihiv. It was founded on the 15th of October 1865 on the initiative of Prince Golitsyn, who was the Governor of Chernihiv at that time. There were only 92 pupils – girls only - at school during its first year. In 1899 a new beautiful building of the school was built on the territory of the Rampart. It had spacious classrooms, a beautiful assembly hall. Many wonderful teachers did their best to educate pupils. Among them there were Kotsubynskys, Lubov Delmas – a famous singer, scientist Dyadichenko, composer Chernyak, poet Ignatenko and many others. During the war the building of the school was ruined but lessons never stopped. After the war the building was restored and the hoary Rampart again heard merry voices of boys and girls who were hurrying to the school. 
 In 1983 school№2 moved to a new 3-stored modern building, which is situated near the bank of the river Stryzhen. In 19… it got the status of specialized school with advanced studying of foreign languages. Now there are 102 teachers and more than 800 students at school, among them a lot of winners of All- Ukrainian Students Olympiad in different subjects. We love our school and are really proud of it.
We have everything to make our school a real second home – tidy, comfortable and well-equipped classrooms, good sports facilities, friendly atmosphere. We have a Computer Study Laboratory with the Internet access. There are lots of computers there and every student feels free to come and use the Web resources to prepare for the lessons.Of course, our school faces the problems which are natural for the economic situation in the country. The school lacks modern up-to date equipment, such as DVD players and computers in each classroom, multimedia boards, flip charts instead of old-fashioned blackboards and  so on. But we have much more valuable things – warm and friendly atmosphere, highly-professional and tolerant teachers and all my friends, - that make my school a real second home for me.  
Card 12 
II Task: you have found a pair of eyeglasses in the school cafeteria.Write a note. Include this information: describe the eyeglasses(colour, shape); say where you found them; give your contact details. Write 35-45 words on your answer sheet.
Attention everybody!
A PAIR OF EYGLASSES was found in the school canteen on the 26th of May after the 6th lesson. The owner can contact me by the mobile phone number…, Skype …, ICQ … or e-mail …. ( it is a pair of brand-new silvery Italian Dolce&Gabana metal half moon reading spectacles with chameleon glasses) 
III Task: talk about an interesting journey. It can be a real journey you’ve made, or you can invent one. Include this information: Who did you go with? Where did you go? How did you go there(way of travelling)? What was good and bad about your journey?
Good morning, my name is …. I’m a student of the 9th form and I would like to tell you about the journey I took last summer.
Last summer my parents and I visited Turkey  for the first time. It was unforgettable experience. We booked an all-inclusive trip at the travel agency in Chernihiv, so we didn’t need to worry about anything. We went to Turkey  by plane, so we arrived at the airport Boryspol 2 hours before the fright to check in, weigh and label our luggage and pass the passport control and customs. The weather was fantastic so there wasn’t any delay and our plane took off strictly according to the time-table.
The trip was not very interesting but comfortable and fast. At the airport in Istanbul we got on a coach and went to the town of
Kemer, where our hotel was situated. On the way there we passed through 3 tunnels and in the 3rd tunnel our guide told us to close our eyes, rise our hands and think of our cherished desires – he said they would come true! Our hotel was situated in a picturesque place near the town of Kemer. here were 2 water rides and 3 swimming pools on the territory of the hotel. The hotel had 5 restaurants: Chinese, Turkish, Mexican, Italian, where you can taste the national cuisine of those countries and a fish  restaurant with delicious seafood. A t about 6 o’clock you can hear the morning pray from the minaret of the nearby mosque. It is repeated in the afternoon and in the evening, when it is peace and quiet and there is no discos there. On the territory of the hotel there was a Turkish market on Fridays,  where they sold different souvenirs and things you could buy to remind you of your travelling. There were magnits, clothes, sweets and Turkish carpets which were really marvelous. We went on some excursions there and I liked two of them very much.
The first was to a place called Palucate. Palucate means "Cotton Castle”, because there you could see white slopes of the mountains. They are white due to the fact that warm mineral water, full of different salts, flows down the slopes and gives the white colour to them. There we visited the so called Cleopathra’s Pool, filled with pure mineral water. You can swim there no more than 15 minutes, because of carbon dioxide that is on the surface of the water.
The second excursion was to 3 places at once/ the first was Demir – an ancient city where is a splendid church of St. Nicolai. He was a Christian bishop, who did a lot of good and was killed for his faith. Then we went to Mira – it is also an ancient town that was founded in the 5th century - there you can see the remains of the  Rome amphitheater and a wonderful shop where you can buy different things made of onix. After that we went on a boat trip to the  island of Kekova. In the clear water of the sea you can observe the ruins of ancients buildings which were destroyed by the massive earthquake many centuries ago and sank onto the bottom of the sea near the island.
We spent two unforgettable weeks in Turkey  and I strongly recommend everybody to take a chance and go there some day to enjoy fantastic  rest. 

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