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Washington is the capital of the USA. President Washington pin-pointed the exact location of it. Congress passed a bill for a federal city and capital on July, 17, 1790. The town was founded in 1791 in the District of Columbia, for the purpose of serving as the capital of the USA. George Washington chose the place located just midway to keep as close touch as possible between the states. While the capital is named for George Washington it was not named by him. The first President called it simply "The Federal City".

Now Washington is a beautiful administrative city without much industry. The only industry there is the government. The US Congress has its seat in the Capitol. It is a very high and beautiful building with white marble columns. It is in the very centre of the city. There is a law in Washington against building structures higher than the Capitol.

So Washington's skyline is dominated by the Capitol and the Washington monument.

The Washington monument, it's called "the Pencil", is the tallest stone structure 555 feet high. It was open to a public in 1888.

The White House, the official residence of the President is located in Pennsylvania Avenue. It is a simple, almost unpretentious dwelling place. It's the oldest public structure in the capital, and one of the most beautiful. It is said that in 1812 the British captured the city, and the Capitol and the house of President were set on fire. In 1814 in order to hide the marks of the fire, the brown stone walls were painted white and it has been the "White House" ever since.

Washington has many famous buildings and monuments – the Library of Congress, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (Arlington Cemetery), Treasure building, and others.

         One of the memorials of grace and beauty to be found in Washington is the Lincoln Memorial.

It is designed like a Greek temple with 36 Doric columns representing the states of the Union at the time of Lincoln's death.

The dominated feature of the building is the figure of Lincoln seated in the centre of the open temple. It embodies the qualities associated with the great man – warmth, strength of character and ineffable sadness. At night the figure is illuminated.

Today Washington is a city which attracts a lot of tourists by its fashionable hotels, restaurants and sightseeing.

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