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US Agriculture

American farmland is among the richest and most varied in the world. Large areas of land especially in the Midwestern Great Plains – provide ideal conditions for large scale agriculture.

The US today has 2.176.000 farms, of which more than 88% are owned by the people who operate them. 50 years ago a farmer fed 10 persons, today the average farmer feeds 75. Yet the number of farms decreases every year. The US farm population today is under 5 millions. The US today produce as much as half the world's soybeans and corn for grain, and from 10 to 25% of its cotton, wheat, tobacco and vegetable oils. One-third of the farmland in the USA produces crops for export to Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In the Middle West very much grain is grown. Fresh fruit and vegetables come all the year round from southern regions, especially Florida and from California. The highlands in the west of the country are famous for their cattle-farming.

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