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Political System of the USA

Political System of the USA

The USA is a federative republic. In 1776, when the Independence of the USA was declared, 13 "founding" states entered the federation; from 1959 the federation comprises 50 states.

Washington, D. C. is the seat of the federal Government of the United States. The federal Government is made up of three branches - the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial. The function of the Executive branch is to carry out the laws of nation. It consists of the President, Vice -President and the President's Cabinet. The members of the Cabinet are chosen by the President.

The President is head of the State of the executive departments. He is also Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the USA. The President and Vice-President are elected for a term of four years. The President is elected indirectly in two stages: first electors are chosen in their respective states, and these elected the President and Vice-President, running together on the first Monday after the first Tuesday in November.

All legislative powers are vested in Congress that consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Members of the House of Representatives (453 persons) are chosen every second year. Senators (100 persons) are elected for a term of six years, two senators from each state. The Senate may also initiate any bill with the exception of financial ones; these may be introduced only by the House of Representatives. The Senate may not adopt any bill introduced by the House of Representatives or make amendments to it.

In the House of Representatives the presiding officer is the Speaker who is elected by the members and is always a member of the majority party in the House. In the USA Congress the Speaker plays a very important role in party policies. He appoints members of Congressional Committees.

The main work of the Congress is done in Committees. The Congressional Houses have a system of Committees – 16 in the Senate and 20 in the House of Representatives. Every bill is worked out there.

Two main parties dominate the political scene of the USA. The Democratic Party was founded in 1783 and got its present name in 1828. The Republican Party was founded in 1854. Neither of them have a permanent membership.

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