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Large Towns

Large Towns

There are many towns in America: New York, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and many others.

No city in the world has a more interesting tale to tell than Chicago in the 19-th century. In the hundred years from 1830 to 1930 it grew from a settlement of 50 to a city of 3 million. By 1920 only London, New York and Berlin exceeded it in size and commercial importance.

The Indian name "chicago" is believed to mean onion or garlic covered the banks of the stream at that time. Nowadays it’s the second largest city in the USA. It is a railroad, meat packing and grain centre.

Philadelphia is the third largest city in the US. It's highly industrialized. Her port is second only to New York's in export and import tonnage. The city is surrounded by a region rich in both mineral deposits and agriculture. Philadelphia turns out textiles, steel products, ships, processed food. It publishes many of the nation’s medical books and magazines.

Boston was called after a borough of that name in Lincolnshire, England. Its location is suitable for commerce and defence. Now it ranks eighth in volume of retail trade. The port is second in imports and forth in general business. Boston is the chief US market. Her industry includes publishing, spinning and weaving of wool, food processing, and manufacture of shoes, machinery, transportation equipment and chemicals, oil, coal and rubber products.

Detroit is on the Detroit River. Detroit is dynamic, lively and busy. Although a fairly old city, it has few traditions and more interest in future than in the past. Much population is directly concerned with automobile manufacturing. Hall of the country's automobiles and trucks are produced here. But it's also known for its pharmaceutical products, plane parts, military equipment, brass and copper, rubber tires, office equipment, chemicals and steel.

San Francisco is considered by many the most beautiful city in the USA. It's built on hills which circle the harbour and face the famous strait called Golden Gate. San Francisco is a city of tremendous scenery of a view from every hilltop. It's young in years but ancient in traditions.

San Francisco is a city surrounded on 3 sides by water. Its skyscrapers remind New York and there is touch of New Orleans in its ancient buildings. The magnificent harbour and bay recall Marseilles and the blue Mediterranean.

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