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Sport in Britain

Sport in Britain

Sport probably plays a more important part in people’s lives in Britain than it does in most other countries. For a very large number of people it is their main form of entertainment. Millions take part in some kind of sport at least once a week. Many millions more are regular spectators and follow one or more sports. In Britain today sport is almost a national obsession. There are hours of televised sport each week. Sport occupies 40 per cent of the news pages of popular newspapers.

The list of sports invented by the British is a large one. It includes football, golf, lawn tennis, badminton, cricket, rugby, billiards, squash, and snooker.  Modern rules of many games were first formulated in Britain. The public schools of the Victorian era believed that organized competitive games had many psychological benefits. They developed character and team spirit. Theses games developed the British sense of fair play’. This concept meant not only abiding by the written rules of the game but observing its unwritten rules, which governed the behaviour before, during and after the game. You had to be a good looser’. To be a cheat was shameful, but to lose was a part of the game.

People played just for the love of game – they were all amateurs. ‘Winning isn’t everything’this saying reflects very well the amateur approach to sport in the past.

Modern sport in Britain is very different. Big sport is professional. To modern professionals, sport is clearly not just only a game.

Football is the most popular spectator sport. It started to become popular in Britain almost 200 years ago. There are 89clubs in the Football League, 450 in the Football Association and 40,000 amateur clubs in the country.

Rugby is a form of football that started in 1823. The ball in rugby is oval-shaped, not round. There are two forms of rugby at present – Rugby Union and Rugby League.

Cricket is one of the three English national sports for men along with football and rugby. The game is very old. It is a very slow game, and the matches are very long. Cricket is very much connected with Britain. Cricket is much more than just a sport. It symbolizes a way of life - a slow and peaceful rural way of life. Cricket is special because it combines competition with the British dream of rural life.

Lawn tennis is the favourite individual game in Britain. The number of people playing lawn tennis has increased immensely during the last few years. Wimbledon is the center of lawn tennis. The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, held in July, is regarded by tennis players as the most important tournament to win. There is a great public interest to the tournament. Many tennis fans queue all night outside the grounds to get tickets for the finals. Wimbledon is considered to be typically English and rather old-fashioned. It is an important social occasion as well as a sporting event. It is traditional to eat strawberries and cream and to drink champagne. The first Wimbledon Tennis Tournament was held in 1877. At first it was all-English, now it is international.

Golf is a cross-country game. Despite its atAtractiveness golf is not a game for everyone. It requires a great degree of skill, patience and dedication. The sport of badminton takes its name from the country house, Badminton House, where the sport was first played in the 19th century. About 5 million play badminton in Britain and there are 5,000 clubs. In 1922 badminton became a full Olympic sport.

Horse-racing is a long established and popular sport in Britain. It is sometimes called the ‘sport of kings’ because it is an expensive hobby to have a racehorse. Gambling, especially on horses, is a part of many people’s lives in Britain. During the year there are 6,000 different races with prize money totaling 5 million. About 5 million people go to races each year.

Steeple chasing is an exciting event to watch. The most famous steeple chase is the Grand National. The other two famous race meetings are the Derby, run at Epsom Down in June and the Royal Ascot, also in June. The Queen and the Royal Family always attend it.

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