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Розробка уроку до п¦дручника Enterprise Plus за темою Apearance and Character (Unit 1 Lesson 3)



навчальна: активізувати навички вживання Л.О. за темою; навички вживання граматичних часів Present Simple – Present Continuous.

розвивальна: розвивати навички читання мовчки, письма, діалогічного та монологічного мовлення, вчити логічно мислити та висловлюватись, розширювати кругозір;

виховна: прищеплювати повагу до особистої думки інших людей, відчуття смаку;

Обладнання: підручник та робочий зошит Enterprise Plus, дошка, роздатковий матеріал, CD player.

Хід уроку

І. Warm up. Some students represent their projects "My best friend”.

II. Check the home task. (W/b. Ex. 10, p. 6)

III. W/b. Ex.11, p. 6.

a)   Match the changes, the in pairs, act out the dialogue.

b)   Now ask your partner about a friend or relative of his/hers. Use the phrases in bold in the dialogue and the ideas below to talk about this person.    

IV. S/b. Ex.9, p.10.

 a) Go through the words and elicit any unknown vocabulary.

b) Write 'CASUAL', 'FORMAL' on the board and elicit their meaning, e.g. Would you wear shorts to sb's wedding? (No), What would you wear? (A suit), Yes, a suit is a formal piece of clothing.

c) Which of these items are casual and which are formal?

Remind students that shoes (trainers, high-heeled shoes, flat shoes) trousers, jeans, shorts, overalls, dungarees are always used in the plural, otherwise we must say a pair of...

d) Students match the words to the pictures. Check students' answers.

e) What do you wear when you go: a) to the gym, b) on a trip, c) to a party, d) to a reception?


V. a) Ask students to read the beginning of the dialogue and guess where it is taking place.

b) Words on the board: match – go with – suit – fit.

Explain the difference between suit (to look nice on sb.) and fit (to be the right size) with examples. Do the same with match and go with.

e.g.     This V-neck jumper suits Helen.

These shoes don't fit him. They're too small.

The colour of this bracelet goes with/matches your ring.

The colour of this bracelet and your ring match.

c) Students, in pairs, complete the task.

d) Play the CD. Students listen and check their answers.

e) Ask two students to read out the dialogue.

VI. Revise the tenses.

a) e.g.     T: I work as a teacher. Do I always do this?

              S: Yes. Write: I work as a teacher = always - permanent e.g.   

           T: I am wearing a dress. Do I always wear a dress? S: No. You are wearing a dress now.

Write: I am wearing a dress = now, action happening at the moment of speaking.  

b) Follow the same procedure to revise the other uses. You may direct them to the Grammar Reference section for further details.

c) Students do the Ex.12, p 10. S/b.

d) Check students' answers.

VII. Conclusion of the lesson.

VIII. Home Task. W/b. Ex. 8, p.5, Ex. 9, p. 6, S/b. Ex. 13, p. 10, the Grammar Reference, p. 152

IX. Students’ marks.

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