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Ernest Hemingway – 2

Ernest Hemingway – 2

A well-known American writer Ernest Miller Hemingway was a man of great literary talent, and he was also an active fighter against fascism and war. His whole life and creative work were devoted to that struggle.

            Ernest Hemingway was born in 1899 in Oak Park, then a small town near Chicago. When a boy he went in for sports and became a good football player and boxer .He also spent a great deal in the country together with his father, who taught him to love and understand nature. Hemingway became fond of reading very early. He read a lot and himself tried to write articles and short stories for school paper.  Twice he ran away from home, travelling all over the country and working on farms, in cafes, anywhere he could find a job. Hemingway realized very early that the world he lived in was not happy. He saw cruelty and injustice, hated them with all his heart and wanted to struggle against them. This mood was reflected in one of his early stories "The Killers”, the young hero of which, called Nick Adams, tries to protest against cruelty. In this story Nick Adams is brave and active, ready to help the man in trouble. Young Nick Adams is the hero of a whole series of stories written by Hemingway, in which the author describes his youth, his love for nature and books, his hatred of cruelty and injustice.

Hemingway’s biography is closely connected with his creative work. When Hemingway left school, he took a job as a reporter on a newspaper "Kansas City Star”. During that time he worked hard and began to master his famous style which is characterized by the use of simple words and short laconic sentences. His work on the newspaper didn’t last long. In 1918 the USA entered World War I and Hemingway volunteered for the American Red Cross troops in Italy. He never tried to avoid danger and more than once demonstrated his bravery. Even when Hemingway was badly wounded, he tried to save the life of his fellow soldier by dragging him away from the battle-field. The wound was serious and Hemingway had to spend several months in a hospital in Milan.

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