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An Episode of the English History The Great Fire of London

An Episode of the English History

The Great Fire of London

            The old city of London had narrow, crooked streets with wooden houses. It was a dirty city in the middle of the 17th century. It is no wonder that epidemics were common. The greatest epidemic of plague broke out in 1665. It was a sad time for London. The streets were empty, shops were closed, and there were few ships on the Thames. 75,000 Londoners died from plague.

            The next year the Great Fire took place. It broke out late at night on the second of September 1666 in a bakery not far from the London Bridge.

After a long summer the wooden houses were dry. A wind was blowing from the river and the fire spread quickly. The fire was so great that it could be seen from the distance of ten miles away. The fire burned for 5 days. It destroyed 80% of the city. A monument near the London Bridge marks now the place where the fire broke out.

The people of London built a new city. The houses were made of brick or stone, not wood. The streets were made wider. Sir Christopher Wren, the famous architect of that time, took part in rebuilding the city. The present St. Paul’s Cathedral was built by him in the place of the old church of St. Paul which was destroyed by the fire. The famous architect lies buried under the roof of his own great work. "If you want to see his monument, look around” – these words are written on his tomb.

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