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Розробка уроку до п¦дручника Enterprise Plus за темою Apearance and Character (Unit 1 Lesson 4)



навчальна: закріпити та перевірити навички вживання Л.О. за темою; навички вживання граматичних часів Present Simple – Present Continuous, ознайомити з правилами написання статті-опису, навчити писати листа другу за листуванням;

розвивальна: розвивати навички аудіювання, читання мовчки, елементів письма, діалогічного та монологічного мовлення, вчити логічно мислити та висловлюватись, розширювати кругозір;

виховна: прищеплювати повагу до особистої думки інших людей, поважати їхні хобі;

Обладнання: підручник та робочий зошит Enterprise Plus, дошка, роздатковий матеріал, CD player.

Хід уроку

І. Warm up. When do we use Present Simple? When do you use Present Continuous?

Make some true sentences about yourself.

Do you want to be a teacher? Correct the mistakes in the sentences. Test.

1. Georgia are live in Boston. 2. The temperature here to falling bellow zero in winter. 3. Sue are learning to drive. 4. I’m paint the house today. 5. She looking for the library. 6. I’m thinking you work hard. 7. She are going to my doctor this afternoon. 8. He have two cars. 9. I always forgot your telephone number. 10. Cats seeing clearly in the dark.


II Check the home task. W/b. Ex. 8, p.5, Ex. 9, p. 6, S/b. Ex. 13, p. 10.

III. W/b. p. 7, the rule.

a)      Ex.13, p. 7. Read the rubric and underline the key words.

b)      Read the article and fill in the missing topic sentences, a – e.

c)      Which paragraph describes: the writer’s relationship to this person?, the person’s hobbies and interests?, appearance?, character?

d)      What personal qualities does the writer mention? What justifications/examples does he give?

e)      Which sentences would you use to end an article describing a person?

IV. S/b. Ex.14, p. 11.

a)      Read the instructions and explain the task. You are going to listen to a mother giving instructions to a babysitter. Listen and mark the statements T (True) or F (False)

b)       Allow students some time to read the statements.    

c)      Play the CD twice, if necessary. Students listen and complete the task.


Mother: Isabelle, how are you? I really appreciate you looking after Paul for the weekend.    

Isabelle: It's nothing. Besides, both you and John deserve a holiday.

Mother: Mm. Anyway, Paul won't be a problem. In fact, he spends most of his time playing computer games.

Isabelle: Do you think he'd like to go to the playground? There'll be lots of children there for him to play with.

Mother: I don't think he'll like that. You see, he hates meeting new people and doesn't make friends easily.

Isabelle: Well, what does he like?

Mother: If you don't mind reading to him, Isabelle, Paul loves bedtime stories - especially science fiction.

Isabelle: OK. Now, what about homework?

Mother: You don't have to worry about that. Paul always does his homework on his own. He'll even tidy his own room. He doesn't mind doing that. But please don't let him near the stereo! He likes playing pop music really loud. Paul, please, stop it! I can't stand that music any more!

d)      Check students' answers.

V. Speak about yourself. What do you like/ don’t like/ love/ don’t mind/ hate/ enjoy/ can’t stand/ dislike doing?

 (I present phrases about myself)

VI. a) Elicit what a pen-friend is. Ask students to predict what type of information might be included in a letter of this kind (age, family background, physical description, hobbies) and its writing style (informal, friendly).

b) Read the writing tip. (S/b. p.11) Focus students' attention on beginnings and endings, (Dear..., Best wishes), the number and content of paragraphs, topic sentences.

c) Allow students some time to read the letter and fill in the gaps. Check their answers. Ask some students to read out the letter.

VII. Go through the plan and explain the information in each paragraph. Invite students to reproduce a letter to a pan-friend orally, by replacing the details giving in the model letter Ex. 18, p.11 with their own.

VIII. Conclusion of the lesson.

IX. Home Task. Ex.18, p.11. Write a letter to your pan-friend

X. Student’s marks.

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