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Головна » 2014 » Січень » 23 » З днем Соборності України!
З днем Соборності України!
I am proud to say,
That I am from UA.
I am praying with hope,
That untied will be rope,
Which's like enemy now,
Does not let us live free,

And who knows, where and how,
May grow up "Wisdom's Tree".
And however I am far,
Does not matter at all,
Cause the farther I am,
My love only grows tall.
Yes, I am from Ukraine,
Where people are strong,
Even going through pain, 
We stay where belong.
"Ukraine has not died yet",
And we won't let her fall,
We will never forget,
We will stand as the whole.
Yes, I love you, Ukraine!
Though you suffer today,
You should know: You're the main,
After night - will be day.

Iryna Dasyuk. 
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